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Read testimonials about recylced Bolga basket weaving workshops in Australia.


Weaving Workshop Testimonials

G-lish Cofounder, Godwin Yidana, runs Bolga basket weaving workshops in Australia. Pop into our shop to see which workshops we're running next. You can learn more about Godwin and weaving Bolga baskets at his website.

I would fully recommend attending Bolga weaving workshop conducted by Godwin & Gayle, both for the instructional content and to gain an appreciation of the extent that weaving has improved the lives of the women of G-lish and their families and communities. It is a relaxed, humbling and joyous day!
— Kim H.
I wasn’t sure what to expect from a Bolga basket weaving workshop, as I have done twining
before. Once we met Godwin and listened to the stories he wove around growing up in
Ghana, the culture and the way of life, it turned out to be a lovely day of sharing skills and
culture among the group.
— Liz H.
I had a wonderful time at Godwin’s weaving workshop. It was much more than simple skill acquisition. Godwin and Gayle were welcoming and hospitable. They shared their story of Bolga Baskets and how they’d worked together to develop a cottage industry utilising basket weaving twine made from recycling plastic waste, woven into traditional baskets, thus providing sustainable income for many women in Bolgatanga in northern Ghana. I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to make my own plastic twine, and how to construct a small woven basket, while sharing the company of Godwin, Gayle and my fellow “students”. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who finds joy in creativity and the company of like-minded human beings.
— Teresa S.
Godwin and Gayle’s workshop was such a nourishing experience. Learning new basket weaving techniques alongside cultural and personal stories of how the G-lish Foundation developed made the day incredibly interesting. I was so happy with what I made in the relaxed and supportive environment.
— Emma P.