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G-lish Double-Twisted Twine: 88 pieces of twine


Purchase our unique, recycled Bolga baskets and artworks to support the weavers of the G-lish community in Ghana.

G-lish Double-Twisted Twine: 88 pieces of twine

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G-lish Double-Twisted Twine: 88 pieces of twine


G-lish Double-Twisted Twine is the twine used in G-lish baskets and art work.

The twine is made from cotton print and batik fabric from Africa and Australia. It’s flexible and durable and comes in a variety of limited edition colours, depending on recycled fabric availability.

Each twine is “double twisted”, so two strands or twisted fabric are wound around each other, just like rope.

It’s “double twisted” so you can use it two ways:

1) As it is, as a piece of double twisted twine, which is how you will receive your twine in bunches.

2) You can untwist the two strands that make each piece of twine. So doing, you get a thinner and longer strand. Untwisting, of course, will double the length. Click on the final image to see an untwisted piece.

G-lish Twine is perfect for:

· Under/over weaving just like we do to make G-lish baskets

· Loom weaving

· Coil weaving: for a colourful inner coil. Or untwist to create long strands to weave around your inner coil of raffia or a contrasting G-lish twine colour.

· Mixed with other materials in your choice of weaving styles

· Jewellery, especially necklaces and bracelets.


  • Quantity: 1 bunch only

  • Colour: Mainly indigo blue with dashes of light blue grey

  • Fabric: batik

  • Individual twine lengths: 30 cm (11.8”) x 70 twines

  • 45 cms (17.7”) x 5 twines

  • 55 cms (21.6”) x 13 twines

  • Number of individual twine: 88 pieces of twine

  • Total length end-to-end: 30.4 metres (99.7 feet)

  • Width: 3-5 mm (0.2”)

  • Material: Cotton

Each bunch is different. This bunch of twine contains 88 pieces of twine. Each twine is 30, 45 or 55 cm in length. End-to-end, the total length of this bunch is 30.4 metres.

The twines are joined at one end and open at the other end where you can untwist them, creating a double length.

We would LOVE to see what you create with your twine.

If you have any questions, email us with the contact form on this site.

***If you plan to use the twine in one piece of work, you will need to join each piece together.

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