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Shipping Info

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G-lish ships worldwide. Shipping is added to the cost of the final order. Any discount codes applied to the order apply only to the product, not the cost of shipping.

We will post your purchase by domestic or international air freight postage, including a tracking number.

We have 100% success rate shipping products globally. We will email your tracking number and keep you informed of your product's progress.

Please write the correct delivery address when you place your order. We ship to the address provided in the purchase order when you complete the sale online. Please use the real name of the person who will receive the product upon delivery

If you change your address after we have dispatched your order, we cannot ship to your new address. We can, however, help you track your order to the address you submitted.

Shipping will take up to 1 week in Australia and 6-14 days to the rest of the world.