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For every basket or artwork purchased a weaver is able to provide for his or her family in a way never done before, giving their children access to education, medication and empowering women as breadwinners.



G-lish Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Ghana, West Africa. We support rural communities to make sustainable, hand-made baskets and wall art that generates incomes and choices for families.

G-lish is run from Ghana and shows that locally-led efforts can break poverty cycles and create lasting prosperity.

We work with over seventy producers and impact over four hundred people in three villages in some of the poorest communities in the country.

Our Projects:

  • Generate prosperity in impoverished communities
  • Create safe spaces and social change
  • Respect the natural environment


Our Vision: 

  • A world free from poverty



  • Help rural Ghanaian families become financially independent
  • Enable children to have education options beyond primary school
  • Preserve the natural environment to enable healthy and prosperous development


    Our projects have powerful social, economic and environmental impacts.






    Help us transform lives in Ghana by becoming part of the G-lish story!