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Fair Incomes

For every basket or artwork you buy, a weaver is able to provide for his or her family, send her children to school and buy vital medication.



G-lish's recycled plastic and fabric baskets symbolise empowerment in G-lish communities. 

Most G-lish weavers are women and they've become the breadwinners of the family since joining G-lish. This has given the weavers respect in their families and in the community and, most importantly, it's given them a chance to break the cycle of poverty. 

Besides supporting G-lish weavers to weave, G-lish also develops health, environmental, and economic projects that empower communities and generate fair incomes.

Why Do Fair Incomes Matter?

By providing fair incomes that double or sometimes triple the daily minimum wage in Ghana, G-lish gives women and the chance to transform their lives.

Fair income enables women and their families to choose what they eat, what they study, when to visit a medical clinic, what they wear and much more, giving them control over their lives and the chance to prosper.





You can help us transform lives in Ghana by becoming part of the G-lish story!