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Confidence Building



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The confidence in the women that work with G-lish has flourished as a result of earning money to provide for themselves and their family. It is helping them to stand up for themselves and realise their own value and worth. G-lish has created a platform for women come together and share their issues with each other, giving them greater confidence and social capital.

Men and Violence Prevention

A confrontational approach to advocacy would make this an issue of men against women when in fact, it is both men and women who are victims of a socio-cultural structure and system. We need the support of men to achieve equality and, to get the support of men, men need to see the reality for themselves. We empower women to see their full potential and, in return, men begin to see this reality for themselves, helping them acknowledge and respect women as valid income providers, therefore achieving gender equality and displacing gender norms in Ghana, basket by basket.


Domestic Violence Prevention

G-lish is also facilitating change in the next generation through conflict prevention programs in high schools. We create safe spaces for young people who are victims of domestic violence to express themselves. Collectively they talk to find  short and long-term solutions to their situations.

Educational Spaces

We also create educational spaces in the form of literary forums for women. The majority of G-lish weavers cannot read and write because, being female, they were prevented from a full education. Discussions are open and lively and the women always ask for more classes yearning for knowledge and growth which we strive to fulfill through our projects. They discuss issues of domestic violence, savings and investment and reproductive and health rights.





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