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Love Letter to Ghana

Gayle Pescud

In the middle of 2017, one of our cofounders undertook a writing course with the Australian Writers' Centre. Her classmate interviewed her for one of the writing tasks and the interview became this article, Love Letter to Ghana, published in Mindfood Magazine, which is arguably Australia's most popular 'alternative' magazine. It's certainly a favourite of ours.

You can read the whole story here and learn a little more about the background of how G-lish begun. Thanks for taking the time to read! 

Mindfood article.JPG

Featured on Recycled Interiors Website

Gayle Pescud

We're delighted to be featured on Recycled Interiors, a website and business managed by Helen Edwards in South Australia:

Read an excerpt from the story about G-lish Foundation recycled textile art: 

"The Design Hunter has a selection of the beautiful woven textile artworks from G-lish, which are handmade from recycled fabric and plastic, using traditional basket weaving techniques. I was given this beautiful wall hanging to borrow so I could run a feature for the blog, but it is so beautiful I am buying it! Don’t you think it is made for our walls?!"

G-lish Recycled Wall Art

The Recycled Interiors ethos:

"Buying new things from local makers, craftspeople and artisans who are creating things in a sustainable way, seeking fair trade, and reusing, recycling and repurposing, means not only are you stopping something going to landfill but you are NOT buying something made in an unethical and damaging way.