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Access to Education








In 2010, when we were just getting started, a young boy called Daniel was unable to attend school as he had a blocked urethra from birth. His parents were too poor to afford to buy painkillers or surgery, that was recommended. G-lish paid for the painkillers and a simple surgery that cost around $US100 dollars. In return, G-lish asked the parents to weave 6 baskets. Daniel was healed after the operation and his parents now earn enough to not only support Daniel in school, but in a private school where the teaching is superior. They have also bought him his own bicycle. The weaver, Julie, is Daniel’s Mum.

It is stories such as Daniel’s that show how G-lish is empowering families in Ghana, giving them the opportunity to send their children to school, provide for their own needs, and the needs of their families.

one art work purchase = 

One artwork purchased can pay for roughly half of a university education for a year or a full year of technical college or nursing college. 


One basket purchase can pay for a year's worth of school textbooks or malaria treatment for a family of 5. It buys the family's staple foods for a couple of weeks. It will also pay school fees for one child for one term.





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